When I began my coaching with Diane, I was burned out and feeling stagnant in my career with no clear path forward. Diane helped me sort through the noise to really learn what was important to me. It was so valuable to learn to trust my own instincts and listen to what I needed rather than seeking external validation. Six sessions later, I am thrilled to be looking towards a new position and feel excited for what lies ahead. I highly recommend working with Diane!


– Lisa G., Critical Care Physician Assistant

I sought out coaching because I was at my wit’s end with the pandemic. I was jaded, burned out, and considering leaving my practice. Working with Diane, I learned tools and strategies that helped me make changes and gain a new perspective. My burnout went from a score of 8 out of 10 down to 3. I feel I’ve made progress, and I’m in a much better place with my professional life. I am happy being a midwife again.

                                                                                                                                                    –Amanda W., Certified Nurse Midwife

I knew I needed help to cope with feeling overwhelmed and anxious after I developed a yet-undiagnosed medical condition and a close relative was diagnosed with cancer. I was having trouble focusing at work and my home life was suffering. I found coaching with Diane to be really helpful–not too much for me to do and not too little so that nothing changed. I may have worked through the overwhelm on my own but not as well or as fast. Physicians feel they have no time, but in the end, coaching made me more efficient.

– Liz C., Internal Medicine/Primary Care 

When I started coaching with Diane, I was in a bleak place about my work situation and ready to walk out the door–and I never quit anything. I was dealing with a difficult relationship with a colleague and was feeling frustrated with administration and with my more difficult patients. By having a safe place to talk things through, trying some strategies for more effective communication, and taking some small action steps, my experience with work is very different now. I feel lighter. I’d say my satisfaction went from a 0.5 to a 9.

– Valerie T., Family Physician

I was valedictorian of my high school, tops in college and med school, graduated from residency prior to the 80-hour-per-week rule, and had worked the last fifteen years in my medical specialty. Life was good. Then, I was out on medical leave for over a year for treatment of breast cancer. Back at work, I found myself more tired, more sensitive, and more vulnerable. I knew I needed help in more than a mental-health-counseling way. I’d thought about physician coaching but really didn’t know what it involved. 

Fortunately, I found Dr. Diane Shannon, who helped me become aware of things that I hadn’t been able to name, let alone tackle. She helped me notice my feelings and to turn that awareness into curiosity. In just a few sessions together, Diane opened the door a little to let me see how things can start to change. I started to breathe a little deeper. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together to find ways to keep opening that door back to my life.

– Rachel H., Dermatologist

When I retired from clinical practice, I knew I wanted to do something meaningful with my time, but had no idea what I wanted to do or how to find out. Working with Diane, I gained clarity–and the confidence to exclude opportunities I could do but didn’t thrill me. I now have a volunteer position outside of medicine and a low-stress, part-time job in a clinical setting that are meaningful and a great match for me.

– Susan D., Pediatrician

I wanted to try coaching so I could decide whether to suggest it to some of the physicians I lead. I also knew I wanted to work on work-life balance and my patient satisfaction scores. I found coaching with Diane to be surprisingly helpful—more than I expected and in ways I didn’t expect. I was able to improve my work-life balance, returning to meditation and exercising regularly, and spend more time focused in-the-moment with my patients. I’ve enthusiastically recommended coaching to several of my colleagues already.

– Jill C., Family Physician and Physician Leader

Working with Diane helped me find clarity about my professional and personal goals. With visioning, skill development, and support, I was able to take concrete steps in making changes and move towards greater professional and personal fulfillment.

– Rachel B., Family Physician

Prior to working with Diane, each morning I woke up in a panic, terrified to get out of bed. I had no clue what was bothering me, it felt like a life or death situation when in reality it was my daily life.  Once I determined my fear related to my work, I reached out to Diane. She approached my concerns with great compassion and gave me the space I needed, along with helpful solid direction, to explore. Together we realized that I was suffering from Imposter Syndrome and by working through that with her, I was able to find my way to a calmer mode of living and working. She also helped me determine, after much consideration and soul searching, that my current career path is the correct one for me. Diane supported me throughout the entire process in a thoughtful, non-judgmental and supportive way, so that when I finally came out the other side, I was no longer experiencing the panic, able to focus on my chosen career path, and clear about my goals for the future.

– Stacey B., Physician and Patient Advocate

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