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Research shows many women physicians feel isolated and long for more connection with their female colleagues.

Being flat out at work and then flat out at home leaves little time or bandwidth for focusing on YOU or connecting with others like you.

This is the power of group coaching.

In group coaching you have the opportunity to focus—with like-minded colleagues—on a topic that matters to you. Need to break free of the bonds of perfectionism, self-doubt, or your default of always saying “yes”? Need to know you’re not alone in the struggle to juggle? Want some practical tips from other women physicians for returning to work after childbirth, coping with the stress of infertility, or career advancement?  My programs are designed for just that.

In group coaching we all advance together.

As a professional coach, I create and hold a safe place for connecting, introduce topics and strategies, and support all group members in moving forward. I set the stage, tweak the lights, and then the real magic happens.

Contact me to learn more about upcoming groups and to register.

“Working with Diane helped me find clarity about my professional and personal goals. With visioning, skill development, and support, I was able to take concrete steps in making changes and move towards greater professional and personal fulfillment.”

– Rachel B., primary care physician

“Prior to working with Diane, each morning I woke up in a panic, terrified to get out of bed. Together we realized that I was suffering from Imposter Syndrome and by working through that with her, I was able to find my way to a calmer mode of living and working. Diane supported me throughout the entire process in a thoughtful, non-judgmental, and supportive way, so that when I finally came out the other side, I was no longer experiencing the panic, able to focus on my chosen career path, and clear about my goals for the future. ”

– Stacey B., physician/patient advocate

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