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Powerful coaching changes lives. I know, because it changed mine.

Recently divorced, I needed help making decisions as a single mom, especially around my career and finances. A professional coach helped me gain confidence and tackle my new responsibilities one by one. Eventually, she asked me a simple question. “Why have you never written about your experience with burnout and leaving clinical medicine? It might help other people who are going through the same thing.”

I was VERY resistant. Why would I expose what felt weak and shameful? With her help, I began to reframe the very difficult decision I made to leave patient care. I began to see that it took courage to leave what was no longer working and to believe I could make a new life for myself. She did not make decisions for me or tell me what to do. She created a safe space for me to take a breath, connect with what I really wanted in my life, see where I had some options, and take steps to create a life that I love. My coach helped me find my right path.

Now I help my clients find ways to remain in practice with more fulfillment and balance or to transition to an equally meaningful career. I invite them to pause, take a breath, decide where they want to go, identify their options for getting there, and be accountable for the needed action steps. I found my best path, and I’m trained to help you find yours.

Do you:

  • Want to reconnect with your purpose and the passion that drew you to medicine in the first place?
  • Aspire to be more effective at work?
  • Itch to feel more satisfied with your current life – professional, personal, or both?
  • Struggle to find time to take care of yourself? Want to change or leave current situation yet see no options for doing so?
  • Question whether your current work situation is doable?

Coaching can help you more clearly see the possibilities and find the hope that a more satisfying life is possible.

I’d love to chat to see if I can help you. Contact me to set up a conversation.

Since working with Diane, I’ve been able to identify and prioritize the things that are most fulfilling in my career. Before seeking a coach, I spent years frustrated about not being my best self at work. Now I’m finally taking concrete steps toward my goals.

Bert R., Physician

I didn’t realize how much I would benefit from coaching.  It has been so valuable to have the time and space to talk – to drill down and make the connections. Diane is remarkably gifted as a coach.

Jen G., University Administrator

I felt stuck about the next steps in my professional life but wasn’t sure why. Working with Diane, I broke through a barrier I was previously not aware of. I felt so relieved and hopeful during the process. Focusing on my strengths was a different approach, and it motivated me to move forward in an amazing way. The results continue to unfold!

Mary Ellen M., ICU Nurse

Diane W. Shannon, MD, MPH, ACC

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