Women physicians: Are you ready for a life that is actually doable?

Escape the riptide of work/home pressures and create a balanced life where you thrive personally AND professionally.

Many women physicians today are drowning. Practicing medicine has become exponentially more stressful for a host of reasons, and women physicians are under pressure as never before. The added stress and challenges of the pandemic threaten to crash them and the system.  

I have chosen to focus on helping women physicians improve their well-being and leadership skills, in part because of the growing disparity in burnout. A recent national survey found that the gender disparity in burnout rates among physicians has increased: 51 percent for women versus 36 percent for men.

As a woman physician, this is probably no surprise to you. You’re facing new challenges related to the pandemic on top of long-standing ones, such as implicit bias and “the motherhood penalty.” You want to be there for your family, and you’re often shouldering more than 50 percent of the responsibilities for home and children. And you are dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality care to your patients. You want to excel in all your roles.

Are you:

  • Stretched thin and feeling guilty about not doing a good enough job at work or at home?
  • Just plain worn out, exhausted, depleted?
  • Feeling you’ve lost the joy and meaning that drew you to medicine in the first place?
  • Held back by low self-confidence and imposter syndrome?
  • Feeling like a “cog in the wheel” and powerless over changing the system?

If so, I’m really glad you’re here. I can help you overcome these challenges so that you can:

    • Own your “no” and having stronger boundaries to serve your own needs
    • Visualize your ideal life and career and take tangible steps towards them
    • Quiet the nagging voice that deems you aren’t doing “it” right
    • Conserve your precious time and energy for what really matters to you
    • Show up more powerfully for yourself, your patients, your organization, and the important people in your life

    I will help you clarify your vision of the life you want based on your core values. Through my 5-step process I will help you pinpoint your specific goals, discover broader options, and navigate forward with new skills, based on your particular needs. I will also help you strengthen your belief in yourself, allowing you to create a life that is more balanced, rejuvenating, and just plain amazing.

    If you want to transform from surviving to thriving, I would like to invite you to a 30 minute complimentary Lift Off session to explore where you are, where you want to be, and some strategies to help you bridge the gap. I promise you’ll leave this working session with greater awareness and real value.

    Contact me to schedule a 30-minute complimentary Lift Off Session.  

    Diane W. Shanon – Short Bio

    Hi, I’m Diane.

    Twenty-odd years ago, I made the difficult choice to leave clinical practice despite my love of patient care. It was a desperate move made for self-preservation. The stress of trying to protect my patients in a faulty system combined with my lack of internal resources for self care led me to complete depletion and despair. Later, I learned it’s called professional burnout.

    I became a professional coach because I believe that coaching is truly and deeply transformative. I chose to train in a coaching style that builds on strengths and aligns with my personal values of compassion, deep authentic connection, and humility.

    If you’d like to learn more about my story and why I’m so passionate about working with women physicians, please visit the My Story page.


    Engage with me! Here’s what I’m up to these days…

    • Physicians with Young Families Group Coaching Program, in association with AMWA. A virtual group for women physicians with babies or young children, starts 11/3. Learn more and register.
    • My recent talk at UCSF on clinician wellbeing. Watch an excerpt here. 
    • My recent podcast interview on the challenges women physicians face. Listen here. 
    • My KevinMD podcast interview on imposter syndrome and self doubt in physicians. Listen here.


    I work with women physicians through 1:1 coaching, virtual groups, and in-person retreats. Whether you’re a woman in medicine or an organization leader who wants to support and retain women physicians, I can help.

    “Diane has an impressive ability to reflect on both spoken and unspoken content, challenging me to be honest about my own experience so that I can move towards desired changes and growth. She is highly professional, truly personable, and coaches from a whole-person perspective to maximize potential, without buying into presumed limits. I am so fortunate to work with her as I explore the next evolution of my career. Working with Diane helped me tap into my passion more fully, trust in my own work and the wisdom that I have to offer, and be courageous.”

    – Tina R., Medical School Psychology Professor

    Sign up for your 30-minute complimentary Lift Off Session

    Join me for a 30-minute Complimentary Lift Off Session and explore where you are, where you want to be, and some strategies to help you bridge the gap. I promise you’ll leave this working session with greater awareness and real value. Contact me to schedule a 30-minute complimentary Lift Off Session.

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