Burnout affects more than the individual physician. It adversely impacts key performance metrics, such as productivity, patient satisfaction, quality, patient safety, and HR costs due to turnover. 

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Addressing physician burnout doesn’t need to feel like you’re opening a can of worms. I will work with you to develop an efficient and practical strategy.

Physician burnout is a national problem, recently deemed a crisis in health care. Many organizations are experiencing the downstream effects of burnout, including medical errors, patient access issues, reduced patient satisfaction, and difficulty with recruitment and retention. Given the ongoing shift toward value-based payment, ensuring the professional satisfaction and wellbeing of physicians has important quality and cost implications. In addition, the direct costs associated with recruiting and onboarding new physicians to fill vacancies is in the range of $500,000 to $1,000,000 per physician. Burnout is an urgent problem, and it can be daunting to know where and how to begin.

Proactively supporting physician wellbeing can:

  • Increase physician loyalty and retention  
  • Prevent the reduction in professional work effort associated with burnout  
  • Demonstrate to physicians that leadership prioritizes them as a most valuable asset 
  • Reduce the attrition of physicians (and their patients) to other organizations
  • Reduce the costs associated with recruitment and onboarding 
  • Stabilize the workforce in the face of upcoming financial and operational changes

I am a former primary care physician, a certified coach working with physicians, and co-author of a book on preventing physician burnout. Here are some of the ways I consult with organizations:

  • Help executives and board members better understand the big picture 
  • Work with leadership teams to develop a targeted and comprehensive approach for addressing burnout
  • Help conduct a needs assessment to understand prevalence and drivers in specific clinical units
  • Partner with leadership and wellness committees to develop a specific implementation plan
  • Craft well-considered communications that avoid the pitfalls sometimes associated with messaging about wellbeing initiatives

I can alleviate the overwhelm of addressing burnout, without angering physicians with well-meant yet superficial fixes, or breaking the budget trying to fix all the underlying drivers at once. Workable solutions are possible.

I’d love to chat to see if I can help you. Contact me to set up a conversation.

Even when Dr. Shannon is addressing diverse members of the health care team, her clear approach to our occupational health crisis motivates and empowers her audience to take collaborative, positive action.

Laura Garelick, MD, Chief, Family Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Needham, MA

Diane W. Shannon, MD, MPH, ACC

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