A Superhero’s Task: Normalizing Work-Life Balance for Physicians

A month or so ago, I came across a social media post about a new children’s book. My children are young adults, not yet parents—so why did I immediately order the book and eagerly await its arrival? And when I had the slim paperback in my hands, why I place it on the...

Making Gender Equity a Reality: Support for Women Physicians Who Are Breastfeeding

In a previous post, I recognized lactation support for women physicians as an equity issue. Many of the women physicians I’ve interviewed have identified returning to work while breastfeeding as a major challenge and a major source of stress. Providing accommodations...

Quieting the Misery of Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

“I no longer start every day in dread,” Sheila (not her real name) told me as we completed a six-month coaching engagement. Her statement initially surprised me because that’s not how she described her interest in coaching when we began. She had simply and...

Images I Can’t Unsee

Sure, there are happy images from my clinical days—before I left primary care for a writing career—like the sheer joy of birth when suddenly another live being entered the room; the relief on a patient’s face at being heard and helped; the grateful smiles from...

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Why We Need Rituals, Now More than Ever

A few weeks ago I started a ritual that I’ve only done once before, and come August, won’t do again. I began creating a “movie” for my 18-year-old son to mark his leaving home. Three years ago, I spent several months before my daughter left for college creating a...

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Why I No Longer Diss Coaching

Why I No Longer Diss Coaching

About two years ago, I had an experience that opened my mind to the wider possibilities of professional coaching. After interviewing one of its founders, I participated in the Novant Health Leadership Development Program, which involves small group coaching in a...

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